Our Apprentices, Danika and Rejean, Climb the Ladder!

It is with great excitement that we announce our two apprentices, Danika and Rejean, have succeeded in becoming Junior stylists! All of their hard work, patience, and practice has paid off.

They began this journey hopeful apprentices, and have since showed true talent and rapid growth in their skills. We are so ecstatic to have them on the floor, working their magic on clients.

You can find Rejean at our Ossington location, where he cuts, and colours, and Danika, at our Beach location, specializing in cuts! (you should see her mens fades, they’re on point!)

Congrats to the both of you!


cut, colour and style by Rejean.



fade by Rejean



undercut etching by Danika


cut and style by Danika




Salon Magazine Loves our Beach Location!

We LOVE the relaxed vibe at our Beach location, and clients can agree! The open space, high ceilings, and ample daylight, gives our salon exactly what clients need when they visit a hair salon; room to breath!

We were so grateful to have our wonderful Beach location featured in Salon Magazine this month, for their “Ultimate Interiors” edition!


Beautiful and haunting.

Images from a recent photoshoot that our head bridal stylist, Cat, worked on with photographer, Pawel Tosiek.

The modern braids, and long, effortless waves showcase Cats feminine styling, that you can see in all of her work. She is an outstanding artist, who truly understands what her clients needs are.


Parlour Tricks. The Ballerina Bun!


A quick, and feminine take on the ballerina bun! The perfect updo for long hair, when you need something sweet and pretty! This easy to create bun will require two hands, and a bit of patience, but when complete is the PERFECT look for any ballerina at heart!

Tools You’ll Need!


            Paddle Brush & Small Brush                               Bobby Pins & Strong Hair Elastics

Martha prepped the hair with Anti-frizz Nourishing Styling Cream (http://bit.ly/1BdcuEU) caressing the hair and pulling from the crown of the head to the ends.


After securing the bow with bobby pins, she then sprayed Flex Shaping Hairspray
http://bit.ly/1eEwg7X) onto the hair to smooth any fly aways!


All products used were from Living Proof

Do you have any ideas for a Parlour Trick? Leave us a comment!



Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.39.54 PM

When the opportunity to get dressed up comes a knockin’ you know Parlour jumps on it!

This years Power Ball was such a great party filled with good music, great food and tons of laughs!  A handful of our stylists, from both locations, stopped to take a pic in a sea of inflatable pool toys, naturally.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.30.59 PM

powerball2antonWhen in doubt, lounge on a giant Swan.


Hairdreams Extensions. Now at Parlour.

for anyone looking for fuller, more voluminous hair!

We now offer Hairdreams extensions!

“Hairdreams only uses refined, hand-selected 100% real human hair, that is  characterized by the extraordinary healthy, natural-looking appearance and feel of the hair, resulting in a natural bounce and elasticity. The hair is purchased around the world based on strict ethical principles.  It is tested with extensive Hairdreams quality control standards and patented with the most gentle processing method.”

Our stylist Karissa, has 7 years of experience working with extensions, and was trained and certified through Hairdreams, 3 years ago.

Every client is different as far as their needs go, but Karissa finds most clients can see a HUGE difference with only two bundles!

Each bundle contains 25-32 strands, which when installed correctly can yield significant results. In our video above, Karissa used three bundles on her client to achieve fullness and length.

Hairdreams extensions come in many different colours and lengths, which can be coloured, cut and styled as needed!

Screen shot 2016-05-20 at 2.54.15 PM.png

Book your consultation today, and say Hello to beautiful hair!


Prom. At Parlour.


Believe it or not, in a few short weeks school will be out for the Summer!
Which means Prom Season has begun! We are seeing some girls as early as the first weekends in May, and we are so excited to transform these beauties for one of the most special nights of their lives!

Our styling team over at our Beach Location recently got a few local girls in the area to come play Princess for a day, and let us share with them some of our best kept secrets to help them look and feel their best for their Proms!

Stylists Cat, and Karissa, worked side by side, creating three diverse looks, on three different girls, showing how unique each look can be. One of our in-house makeup artists, Esther, also showed how pairing the right makeup, with the right hairstyle is crucial in getting a lasting impression on a very special day!

We were so thrilled to have our neighbours pop in and help us tell these beauty stories.
Our Beach team is so excited to see all the prom girls this year, and help them make their prom dreams come true!

Parlour Beach
2086 Queen St. East